P2W Vision Statement

P2W Demo Tape from Paths to Wellness on Vimeo.

Wellness is the state where all of the systems which comprise the human organism function optimally.  Healing is the movement towards this state.  Healing practices are those which engage and stimulate our innate ability to move in the direction of wellness.

We believe that wellness is not an ideal to be achieved but rather a natural way of being which emerges when conditions permit.  These conditions include but are not limited to proper nutrition, connection within a supportive community, satisfying work which provides a stimulating mental environment, a deep and robust emotional life and, perhaps most importantly, a lived spirituality that is at once personally resonant and supported within one’s community.

Our vision is to create a show that exposes our viewers to the wide variety of practices and practitioners whose healing work facilitates the emergence of wellness.  On our show we couple the discernment of the allopathic world with an open heart and a willingness to listen to and learn from alternative approaches to healing.  By blending Eastern and Western as well as conventional and alternative approaches, “Paths to Wellness” is an exploration in cross-pollination that we believe can contribute to the emergence of wellness within individuals and humanity as a whole.